Protected site, the Victoria Falls are part of a National Park in Zimbabwe, which runs along the Zambezi River, the natural border with Zambia. In the region of Victoria Falls, develop fauna and rich flora. Hippos, buffalos and giraffes populate the tray while many birds are flying above the river below the falls. Victoria Falls is a necessary step during a trip to Zimbabwe or Zambia.

Identity card

  • Currency : Zimbabwe dollar.
  • National day : April 18th.
  • JJet lag: winter, add 1 hour compared to France in winter. No jet lag in summer.
  • Official language : English.


Victoria Falls area has a tropical climate. The rainy season is from October to April.


National Park Victoria Falls is located in western Zimbabwe, on the border with Zambia, along the river Zamzèbe. Victoria Falls span 1.7 kilometers to a depth of 70-108 meters.


23,4 km².

When to go

The best time to visit the Victoria Falls from May to September to avoid the rainy season.