Seminary / Incentive

You want to work and end up with colleagues, share moments of relaxation and experience. We organize your seminar in mixing quality of the workplace and activities of fun, relaxation, discoveries, safaris that will help you create a team complicity and unforgettable moments.

seminary incentive south africa kawango

Convention / Congress

We will inform you on the schedule of events and conferences upon publication of the calendar.

convention congress south africa dmc kawango

Company Party

Your guests need special attention. We set up customized theme parties specifically tailored to your participants. We select original places, with or without animations, with the assurance of a personalized service to each person.

company party dmc kawango

Team Building

Create a truly dynamic by offering a trip to Southern Africa that will give your team the rage to succeed, win together, to experience team drawing on each other’s strengths and establishing a real positive mindset based on trust, membership and team spirit. Surprise them coming out of the usual frames and classic patterns. Take them out of their usual context to better return.

business travel team building southern africa kawango

They trust us

business travel incentive company-party south africa kawango